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Nuri Sardines in Olive Oil

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Sardines in Olive Oil

125 gms

Ingredients: 3-5 Sardines, 100% Refined Olive Oil


With a selected and limited annual production, each NURI represents a very special and unique masterpiece. The number of steps and dedication required to produce a NURI can is approximately triple  when compared to a typical supermarket product. Everything converges into a much more complex product of incomparable quality, becoming in some markets a true product of cult, symbol of the best moments of life and shared with the most special people.


From the purchase of the best fish, the selection of the freshest ingredients, the unique method of vapor cooking and the careful manual preparation process, it all flows into a handmade and intensive product, culminating in a very special moment in which each can is wrapped by hand, as the special gift it represents.


NURI consumers know that they belong to a narrow and exclusive group of lovers of genuine and unique products made from people to people.

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