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Rosa Lafuente - Clams in Natural Brine (16 pcs)

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Ingredients: Clams, Water, Salt

Net Weight: 111g

Drained Weight: 75g

The clams in question are the Venerupis Pullastra, a kind that is clearly separated from the rest due to it's exquisite texture and flavour. Harvested live and fresh from the Arosa Ría and also from the Noya Ría.

Keep in cool and dry place. Consume within 3 days upon opening.

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About Rosa Lafuente

Rosa Lafuente is a centennial company dedicated to the production of fine canned fish and seafood.

Their factory in Vilanueva de Arosa, in the heart of Arosa Ría ensures all of Rosa Lafuente's products are from the Ría and Galician coast. Arosa Ría's unique feature of being rich in mineral and nutrients creates one of the most unique marine biodiversity in the world. 

Lending to seafood that is very much as special as the conditions it comes from provided by its rivers and by a special protection of the northern currents by the Cíes, Ons and Sálvora islands. 

Still producing canned fish and seafood in the traditional artisanal way, each product is carefully selected and packed by hand without any addition of chemicals. The sterilization process guarantees safety and maintains the quality of the raw ingredients used.

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