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Kamado-San (Double Lid Donabe Rice Cooker)

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Donabe is a traditional Japanese earthenware pot, made out of a special clay. "From Earth to Donabe", the clay of the Iga region belongs to a 4-million year old earth layer that was once at the bottom of Lake Biwa.

All traditional Iga-style (Iga-yaki) pottery is made from this unique historic porous clay. This type of clay has naturally high absorbency and heat retention.

Nagatani-en uses the philosophy of Ichigo-ichie in the making of each Iga-yaki Donabe. Every Donabe is hand-made with special attention, creating an artisanal masterpiece that cannot be replicated - this is the true beauty of all Nagatani-en Iga-yaki Donabe.

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