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Rare Mizutaki Pot with Dry Aged Chicken

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Japanese dry aged chicken hot pot, for 2pax.

Mizutaki, literally meaning "cooked in water", is a traditional dish in the Fukuoka prefecture, well known for containing high amounts of collagen - a popular ingredient among the Japanese due to its beauty benefits. Albeit simple in its appearance, the Mizutaki broth is rich and intense with flavours from braising our 7-day dry aged free range chicken and Kombu, over long hours.

The Rare Experience: Dry Aged Free Range Chicken

The process of dry aging chicken is relatively new. This means not many have tried dry aged free range chicken before. Contrary to what its name suggests, dry aged chicken produces meat with tenderness that is unparalleled, and deep contrast in flavours of both dark and white meat. Every bite into the dry aged chicken greets your palate with bold flavours and a surprising pleasantness when the skin is chewed on.

Pack Contents

Chicken Broth, Dry Aged Free Range Chicken, Handmade Free Range Chicken Paste, Napa Cabbage, Shiitake Mushrooms, Enoki Mushrooms, Sweet Corn, Negi, Scallions, Ginger, Rare Chilli Sauce, Shoyu Vinegar Sauce.

Best enjoyed with Iwatani Tatsujin Stove and Shabu pot or Donabe (earthen cookware).

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